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Enabling businesses to build a predictable future.

Grow a resilient & composable business with technology, optimize your modernization initiatives with our extensively featured platform, solutions & services.

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Don’t Accelerate, Augment!

What enterprises need
to build their tech-driven future.

In 2020, McKinsey found that within three quarters into the pandemic, companies had accelerated digitisation by three to four years. The share of digital or digitally enabled products in their portfolios has accelerated by a shocking seven years.

Accelerated Engineering, hasn’t produced the
business value it promised.

Altascio's Distributed Application Platform

Limitless scale. Infinite efficiency.
Unceasing innovation.

Fast-track Development

Bring agility to business applications by leveraging the no-compromise distributed architecture and developer packages with prefab components.

One-click Code to Container

Integrated dev & release pipelines for auto dockerization and containerization to streamline development and cloud deployments.

Enhanced Cloud Security

Enable a superior governance and compliance framework for all the cloud-resources with the help of security features inherited from the platform.

AI Driven Ops Management

App-centric microservices deployed on Kubernetes for scalability on-demand. Built-in AIOps framework for observability, scale & auto-heal

Building sustainable technology value

Bespoke Engineering Solutions

Migrate to Cloud-natives

Reimagine your legacy applications and leverage the cloud to drive scalability and agility into your business.

Build Experience Layers

Optimize application performance, ensure security and compliance, and gain actionable insights on the overall health of your systems

Platform Whitelabel

Pre-fabricated blocks that are quickly assembled to deliver results, exponents developers’ productivity to Imagination.

Implementation Services

When it come for business critical, enterprise grade solutions you better be trusting it on to the professionals.

Client Success
Financial Services
Lend Management Optimized by implementing data driven decisioning
Business people watching a presentation on the whiteboard. A man is writing on the whiteboard. They are sitting in a board room, there are laptop computers and technology on the table. All are casually dressed. There is a brick wall behind him. Low angle view with copy space
Client Success
Human Capital
People Experience Enhanced by a building a collaborative engagement layer
a mixed group of healthcare professional and business people meet around a conference table .
Client Success
Care coordination redefined by improving patient & provider experience

Altascio's Partnership Program

Become a Sales partner,
Implementation consultant
or System integrator

Get special access to the platform, volume license packs, technical & implementation support, training and consulting assistance.

What's the scoop!

Lend Management Automation

Revolutionizing all the businesses is the need of the hour. RPA is an automation tool that can fasten the operational

Healthcare Process Automation

An automation technology that lets your business follow and integrate human interactions within the digitized systems to enhance the efficiency

Alexa integration for Account Receivable

Accelerating the procedure of collections or accounts receivables is the need of the hour. With the exponential growth in the

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