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Alexa integration for Account Receivable


Alexa integration for Account Receivable

Accelerating the procedure of collections or accounts receivables is the need of the hour. With the exponential growth in the technology of virtual devices, almost all businesses are adopting virtual listening devices into their system.

Ever thought about adopting Alexa to collect the company’s debts and recovering the pending money from the debtors?  Yes, with India developing, growing and making advancements in each of the sectors, it is now possible to integrate Alexa into the Accounts department to collect the recoveries. 

Once, the necessary commands are entered into the system, like how much is the pending invoice, data of the debtors, fees levied, etc. then Alexa can do the job with accelerated speed and assure you with data security as well.

While using Alexa for recovering the debts, it can also be used to check how much money the debtor owes you or how much he has paid to date. A company can set up Alexa into its system to hasten the procedure of accounting.

The collections cycle can be accelerated by switching to digital and virtual advancements. Here are some advantages of switching to Alexa to handle accounts receivable.

Key Benefits

Cash Flow

Keep the entire operational activities under control, without losing your grip on it when Alexa performs all the account activities with ease and speed. Keep the record of the cash flows, in and out, while Alexa manages the account receivables.

Faster Invoice Creation

From the creation of invoices to payments and recoveries, everything can be handled by Alexa alone. It also prompts notifications and reminders of invoice creations and sending the invoices to the clients.

Data Record & Security

Alexa can keep the data safe and secure and also gives accurate information and history of the particular account, once all the information is stored in it.  It also keeps the track of past transactions and complete client history which eliminates the worry of saving the data or losing important documents and data.

Increased Productivity

As Alex performs all the duties, it is sure to quicken the procedures, cash inflow leading to increased productivity. As managers and owners can shift their focus to the core business activities and increase the profit of the business.

With modern and advanced technologies, a lot of work can be handled by technology alone. Right from reporting to analysis to suggestions and even feedbacks, all the crucial tasks can be handled by Alexa which can help the business to increase productivity. Businesses shall benefit greatly by adapting to newer technologies, particularly in the accounts departments.

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