Application Modernisation

Modernise your applications the right way to begin your cloud journey on the front foot.

Traditionally, tech was a ‘support’ function. That’s no longer the case. Today, system downtime has real consequences to the bottom line because much of the business itself is mediated by technology. This demands thoughtful rebuilding of enterprise applications into cloud-based, microservices-driven, DevOps-powered, containerised, scalable and secure ones.

If you’re looking to build a future of cloud-powered efficiency, app modernization is for you.

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Bootstrap to cloud with Altascio

Build and run responsive applications, develop new features, optimize app performance and advance past your market’s competition with Altascio’s cloud advantage. We provide a secure, rapid and cost-effective migration of your current on-premise environment to the cloud platform. We help determine your readiness to the cloud and mitigate any possible bottlenecks. Customized strategies for each of your business needs, so that the adaption to the cloud is with no roadblocks while maintaining the sanity of your business-critical applications.

App Modernisation

A thorough guide on how to modernise enterprise into cloud-based, microservices-driven, DevOps-powered, containerised, scalable and secure ones.


Accelerate your

With Adap, leverage prefabs and pre-designed processes to accelerate your journey to cloud by 40%.

Bring Repeatability & Reusability

Make only the investments you need to. Reuse existing components and features, such as APIs, data virtualization, workflows, for effective cloud platforming.


Extend the return on your big tech investments on the past by reusing as much as possible on the cloud. Set yourself up for a more efficient digital transformation.

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Implementation Successes

A representative set of client success that we have delivered to a few of our recent customers.

Cloud Platforming


Lend management optimized by platforming the legacy to the cloud and adding data-driven apps & dashboards

App Modernization


Manufacturing efficiency increased by rebuilding apps & integrating with mobility, devices for real-time monitoring

Smart Integration


Care coordination redefined by improving patient & provider experience using smart add-ons over EMR/EHR

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