Your business is unique
so has to be your software!

We are dedicated to creating uncomplicated and highly effective software solutions. We combine the expansive capabilities of cloud technology with the robustness found in enterprise applications, all while delivering cost-effective results reminiscent of SaaS. 


Whether you’re migrating your current stack, or building new apps, the journey to the cloud feels like shooting in the dark. Altascio’s consulting teams are just the companions you need.

Discovery & Assessment

Do you need to move to cloud? Are you cloud-ready? What resources do you need? What bottlenecks will you face?   We’ll answer all this and more. And set you up on the journey to cloud.

Cloud Adaption Strategy

Do you just lift-and-shift your on-prem app? Or should you re-develop the entire thing? How do integrate with data from other mission-critical apps? We’ll design your cloud adoption strategy, rebuild / re-engineer / re-platform / re-jig your apps to achieve your business outcomes.

Change Management

Every application needs its fair share of updates and upgrades — platform, OS, infra, patches, etc. There is additions and enhancements to features. And then there is the cultural change needed to adapt newer products. We help organizations navigate all this and more.



Application Development

We’ll rebuild your enterprise applications for the cloud. Take your abstract idea to a functional reality. Services encompass the creation of customized software solutions including edge, mobility and web. Alongside ongoing maintenance and enterprise support.


The future is platforms. Whether you’re building a platform hosting a suite of unique customer-facing products or a developer platform to accelerate your software development, we power that initiative for you.

Data Analytics & Intelligence

Future-ready organizations need to collect, store, update, manage, govern and leverage data. We help you become a data-driven organization handling your strategy from data lake / warehouse design, complex real-time visualizations and predictive analytics.


Whether you’re a large enterprise with a sophisticated and extensive tech stack or a dynamic startup with a groundbreaking concept, our teams is poised to craft tailored software solutions for you.


Software is a living entity that needs constant attention, upkeep, and maintenance. Altascio’s governance teams ensure global compliance & top-notch performance and cost-effectiveness.

Monitoring & Observability

The cloud, by its very nature, can become large, sprawling and out of control. We set up monitoring, auto-provisioning, auto-scaling, auto-cutoffs, alerts/triggers and more to ensure the right balance between performance and efficiency. Regular audits to verify the resource necessities.


Cost Containment & Optimization

Is cloud really cheaper? Do we have hidden costs? How do we scale on cloud? What performance metrics should we measure? Optimizations we automate? We’ll augment your cloud-based applications and environment for max performance at minimum costs.

Compliance & Advocacy

Regulatory compliance is just the start. There are industry benchmarks, security standards, competitive factors, customer expectations and various compliance needs an application must adhere. We help development teams build a strong foundation of compliance.

Implementation services

Explore our implementation services to gain a deeper understanding of what Altascio can bring to your modernization objectives

Implementation Successes

A representative set of client success that we have delivered to a few of our recent customers.

Cloud Platforming


Lend management optimized by platforming the legacy to the cloud and adding data-driven apps & dashboards

App Modernization


Manufacturing efficiency increased by rebuilding apps & integrating mobility solutions for real-time monitoring

Smart Integration


Care coordination redefined by improving patient & provider experience using smart add-ons over EMR/EHR