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AI ML – Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

“There is little success where there is little laughter.” This phase can be said to a suitable across all the sectors and industries. When an employee is happy; a company can see huge business growth.

A lot of businesses are realizing employee engagement and happiness is something that should be considered instead of always working as per the set rules and regulations. Employee engagement activities can lead to enhanced productivity, higher retention level, and increased performance and hence increase profits.

Adopting employee engagement automation technology like AI or Machine Learning can help to increase engagement with employees by providing training and development sessions, career development programs and employee rewards and recognitions.

With the advanced technology of Artificial Intelligence or ML, organizations can provide employees with:

  • Monitoring real-time performance of the employees
  • Implementing engaging activities for both on-site and remote employees
  • Assistance, guidance and suggestions can be provided to the employees to increase their knowledge and expertise
  • Timely reminders, notifications and email conversations can also prove to be beneficial for keeping employee interest intact in working with an organization.

Integrating AI and Machine Learning in an organization’s system will help to reduce the manpower input, recurring mistakes and bias attitudes while providing value-added engagement to the employees. It could prove to be vital in shaping the growth and involvement of intern or trainee employees and also prove to be a driving force for team collaborations. AI integration in working culture can be beneficial in many ways.

Advantages Of Integrating AI For Employee Engagement

Team Collaboration

Team activities along with individual activities can be arranged by using AI software to understand whether an employee is more productive by working in a team or while working as an individual. This advanced software can also prove to be effective for skill development.

Improving Work Culture

Collaborative work assignments can be allocated via AI software. Through this software, employee performance, involvement and time management can also be measured. Hence, employee’s behaviour and attitudes can also be analysed without relying upon the Team Leader’s/Manager’s biased decisions.

Skill Development

By assigning training sessions to the individual employee or teams, an organization may have training programs to increase their employee’s knowledge which in turn can help the organization grow and develop. These training sessions can also be measured and analysed through AI software.

AI technology can be beneficial to measure employee growth, analyse employee behaviour and interest and also develop their skillset while setting up fun activities for all the employees to keep them engaged and productive in their work as maintaining employee engagement is an on-going procedure that can be very well executed with AI or Machine Learning tools.

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