Philosophy of a platform: Developer-friendly, futuristic & governance-enabled

Through years of managing developer productivity and software delivery, we have gained invaluable insights into how software development can be more efficient and effective.

Everyone needs to be a superhero

Efficiencies are not directly proportional to the years of experience or education, mediocre developers can become superheroes

Process and tools cannot be discrete

When they are integrated and aligned, they can contribute to improved productivity, consistency, and objectives

Success is not an act, but a habit!

When repeatability is achieved, success will not be an independent act but engraved into the culture and eventually become a habit.

Shift left the management

Do not monitor or measure post-the event, rather we manage the outcomes by managing all the actions in an operational framework

Getting it right the first time

When they are integrated and aligned, they can contribute to improved productivity, consistency, and objectives

Why do the obvious

When they are integrated and aligned, they can contribute to improved productivity, consistency, and objectives

Let there be adap!

A cloud-native application management platform that
enables you to handle transformative workloads and dynamic throughputs,
helps your developers focus on shipping more!


We’re combed through the entire software development lifecycle to identify everything a programmer might need to code better, faster, and cleaner.

We built tools for all of them. And also made sure they spoke the developer’s language. We made everything-as-code.


Maintenance teams need 360-degree visibility of their entire cloud and application landscape in real-time. This calls for a robust governance practice.

We built into Adap every cloud/app governance capability your developers will ever need.


We look far beyond today's tools and capabilities of legacy and present-day development environments to help build future-proof enterprise applications.

We've built a robust platform that will adapt, evolve and transform to empower a nimble and agile development team.

Adap efficiency

Adap has provided some amazing results with our customers, a look at some of the numbers and stats will help understand Adap in its perspective.








Empower your enterprise's tech-driven future with
Adap: AI-powered developer platform

The unfair advantage


Architecture & runtimes defined for distributed systems on cloud & edge


Accelerated development with SDKs, prefab code & design systems


Enterprise IAM & RBAC for an integrated and seamless experience


Dev can push the code to containerized deployments reducing build cycles

AI Driven Ops Management

Built-in AIOps framework for observability, scale & self-healing services

Enhanced Cloud Security

Managed and centralized compliance framework & config. management

Stakeholder benefits

Regardless of whether you are developing an enterprise add-on or re-engineering your business application, platform powers your development efforts and shows you the roadmap to delivering apps much faster.

Dev & DevOps Engineers


Focus on building Apps

Improved Developer Productivity

Accelerated release Cycles

Dev / Program Managers


Process centric dev-framework

Agility to Scale to Demand

Optimal compute utilization

CTO / CIO / VP-Engg.

Decision Makers

Improved Visibility & Control

Cost-effective dev. strategy

Better Security & Governance

Languages & Database supported

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