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Reimagine existing apps with add-on experience layer, boost of an API layer to your on-prem applications

There are several things that prohibit organisations from embracing the cloud entirely — costs, efforts, time etc. Most importantly, they can’t abandon the on-prem applications that they have invested in over the years and are mission-critical. Yet, for every on-prem application, there are several use cases that can offer efficiencies, productivity and business value by enabling access via the cloud.

Outcomes that customers have
achieved with Altascio


Reduction in
Ops Time


Reduction in
Dev Time


Reduction in


Reduction in


API and event-driven Integrations

Integrate your on-prem applications with a cloud-based experience layer through pre-designed connectors.

Unified data management

Bring together data from the field and other sources for ETL, analytics, visualization and data science applications.

Improved field intelligence

Collect accurate data from across devices, be it that of field sales executives, store kiosks or IoT devices, through an experience layer, without modernising underlying apps.

Experience the cloud with Altascio

Altascio’s integration strategy enables enterprises for a smoother integration of data or services. Seamlessly integrate your organization’s data, extract, and transform it to help understand your systems better. This also supports advanced visualization and data analytics using the cloud data integration platform. Leveraging data through given strategies ensures that your critical business information is consistent across systems, accurate and in sync. Additionally, our strategy certifies that any data-driven business decisions made are effective and trustworthy.

Playbook: Smart Integration & Experience

A detailed guide on how to give the boost of an API layer to on-prem applications that are not yet ready to be modernised.

Playbook: Smart Integration

A detailed guide on how to give the boost of an API layer to on-prem applications that are not yet ready to be modernised.

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Success stories

A representative set of case-study of what we have delivered to a few of our recent customers.

Cloud Platforming


Lend management optimized by platforming the legacy to the cloud and adding data-driven apps & dashboards

App Modernization


Manufacturing efficiency increased by rebuilding apps & integrating with mobility, devices for real-time monitoring

Smart Integration


Care coordination redefined by improving patient & provider experience using smart add-ons over EMR/EHR

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